The big screen, the big difference

We know the actors and actresses from the big screen. From the movies they starred in. But, like the rest of us, they are also often visitors. Visitors of a movie in a cinema or movie theater. They also have fond memories of their first visit to the cinema. And they like to share these memories...

Monic Hendrickx


 'Five years old. Paramaribo. Going to the movies for the first time…'

Thomas Acda

actor, singer

’The first movie I saw was Blue Thunder in Alhambra. I was fifteen and very naive…'

Hanna van Vliet

Hanna van Vliet


'My first memories of going to the movies are about the Roxy cinema in Gorinchem.'

Maria Peters

Maria Peters


’The first movie I ever saw was in an open air cinema in Venezuela.'

Marc van Eeuwen

actor, producer

’I think I was 12 years old when I went to the movies for the first time, with my grandfather.'