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Briefing for local use

The campaign #CelebrateCinema offers an opportunity for everyone involved in the movie industry to participate in spreading the positive message and celebrate cinema.

Local actresses, actors, director and other people involved in film making can be asked to share their personal memories. They just have to answer three questions by using their own mobile phone.

Make sure you have someone who can edit it and post it online. Please do not forget to send the edited clip to the actor of actress for approval. 

We have made a short briefing everyone can use.

The method:
1. Answer the questions by filming yourself with a smartphone in landscape mode at the highest possible quality
2. Let the answer to each question be short
3. Include the question asked in your answers
4. When filming, pay attention to the following:
a. Speak loudly and clearly so that the audio is recorded properly
b. avoid noise and therefore prefer to film indoors
c. also pay attention to the acoustics of the room where you are filming
5. Send the video via or another transfer option to the sender
6. After editing, send the video to the actress or actor so they can judge whether it is okay for them.

The questions:
1. What is a beautiful, fun or special memory of your very first visit to the movies? (think of the movie you saw, with whom you saw it or in which cinema you saw it)
2. What does watching a movie in a cinema or movie theater mean to you personally?
3. What appeal would you like to make to the film audience?